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Don’t want To Pursue MBBS? Here Are 9 Other Career Options For PCB Students After Class 12th.

Have you opted for the medical stream after class 10th because you love to study bio? But after hearing about medical you cannot see yourself making a career in it? Or, were you unable to clear the NEET exam and now you are feeling apprehensive about the future? Well, this article is for all those students who are living under the misconception that the career option for PCB students starts and ends with MBBS, it is time to wake up and smell the real deal. 

Do you know that majority of students in India and their parents believe that after class 12th the only career option for PCB students is to pursue medical and that surely puts a lot of strain of the child? Well, this is a hoax and we will prove it to you. As this article will widen your horizons beyond MBBS and will talk about 9-in-demand career option for PCB students after class 12th.

9 Career Option For PCB Students After Class 12th

1. Zoology: This subject can become the best career option for PCB students after 12th. It is an exciting field that includes the study of the animal kingdom. The work of a zoologist includes the analysis of the structure, life processes, genetics, physiology, classification and interaction of varied species in detail by observing different animals in their natural habitats.

Career Possibilities: A PCB student with a degree in Zoology can work as a researcher, animal breeder, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife biologist, zoo curator, conservationist, a professor in colleges and more. 

2. Biochemistry: This is a branch of science that comprises the study of chemical processes and living organisms. This course is a laboratory-based science that compiles together two different fields; biology and chemistry, as biochemists understand and resolve biological problems through concepts of chemistry. For example, a biochemist may have to work in order to improve the process of photosynthesis to improve the crop yield, discovery and development of a new chemical process to produce biofuel and more. 

Career Possibilities: Since it is a growing career option for PCB students, a biochemist job includes various appealing opportunities like they can work as a biomedical scientist, forensic scientist, clinical laboratory technologist, toxicologist, research scientist, healthcare scientist, pharmaceutical sales representatives, lab technician, professor, consultants and more.  

3. Environmental Science: This field is an essential discipline in modern times, and includes the study of the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and their interactions. Environmental scientist studies and investigate issues like global warming, ozone depletion, waste management, water pollution, and more. They research about these topics and develop an answer about how these issues can be dealt with. 

Career Possibilities: Environmental scientists can be hired as a researcher and for other roles in industries like mines, water-treatment plants, fertiliser plants, and many government departments as well like forestry, pollution control board, agriculture and more. 

4. Physiology: This field also makes for the best career option for PCB students after completing class 12th. Physiology is the study of bodily functions, activities, and mechanisms of living organisms, mainly humans. This field generally comprises the study of a wide variety of topics including organs, anatomy, cells, biological compounds, muscles and more and observe how they interact and work together to keep the body functioning. In addition to human physiology, some other branches of this field include plant physiology, cellular physiology, microbial physiology and more. 

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Career Possibilities: Professional career paths of this field include working as a clinical exercise physiologist, biomedical scientist, physiotherapist, sports physiologist, teacher, researcher and more. 

5. Marine Biology: This field of education comprises of the study of marine organisms, including their behaviour, and interaction with the environment. Another related field of career to marine biology is fishery science. For students who do not have any idea about this field must know that the area of marine biology is vastly diverse, and you will not find a single job titled as marine biologists, there might be a chance that this title can be held by any professional closely involved with marine life and organisms.

Career Possibilities:  The career path for this field of science includes aquaculturist, fishery biologist, environmental consultant, researcher and more. 

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6. Biophysics: It is a field of science that combines two areas of education; the principles of physics with the principles of biology. Biophysicists study the organism at the cellular and molecular level by using the methods and approaches of physics. This is an advancing field and involves various state-of-the-art technologies, physical measurements and computational models. 

Career Possibilities: Jobs in the field of Biophysics includes becoming nuclear medical biophysicists, clinical biophysicists, forensic biophysicist, nutritional biophysicist, professor and more. The prime career avenue for a biophysicist is research, and the students can work as research scientists in different government as well as a private organisation. 

7. Food and Agriculture: This field of education is also becoming the best career option for PCB students to pursue after 12th. It is a wide domain that comprises various fields rekated to the understanding of biological and chemical processes that affects plants, dairy, and the production of food. It involves the fields like food science and technology, agronomy, horticulture, dairy technology, agriculture engineering and more.  

Career Possibilities: The jobs opportunities related to this field is very vast. Some of them include process development scientist, poduct development scientist, agricultural consultant, agricultural manager, research and development and more. Some other opportunities related to a particular career are horticulturists floriculturist, food technologist, dairy technologist, soil scientist, plant science, animal nutritionists and more. 

8. Allied Medicine: This field suits those people who are keen to pursue, medical career, yet the challenging path of MBBS does not excites them. Then the field of allied science is the right career option for PCB students. This is again a vast domain that comprises of various healthcare careers that are distinct from doctors yet assist the doctor in their work. 

This field includes a wide range of career like Physiotherapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Medical Lab Technology, Clinical Research, radiology and more. 

Career Possibilities: The career path of this field are very vast. A common workplace for most of these career includes hospitals. In addition to this pathology labs are also a prime workplace location for medical lab technologist, while physiotherapists and occupational therapists can work in clinics or can even set up their own private practice. Radio technicians and optometrists work closely alongside doctors to facilitate their work. Clinical researchers work on research projects n laboratories of hospitals, pharmaceuticals and universities.  

9. Botany: Along with the above-mentioned career option for PCB students, Botany is also considered as the best choice. It is a well-established branch of biology that studies the structure, processes, growth and much more plants. Botanist is responsible for conducting research and observation in order to discover new species, study the interaction of plants with various other organisms in their ecosystem, the genetic formation of plants and more.

Career Possibilities: Botanist can work in landscape industries, natural resource centres, environmental consultancies or as a researcher, teacher, taxonomist, horticulturist, a nursery manager and environmental consultant.  

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