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Couldn’t Clear NEET Exam? Here Are Top 5 Career Paths To Explore Instead

Couldn’t clear NEET exam after class 12th? Are you having this feeling that by not clearing NEET exam you have let yourself and your family down? Are you stressed and apprehensive about your future? Now, are you thinking that not clearing the NEET exam, there are no good career options left for you? Well, the answer is no you are wrong. 

Being unable to clear the NEET exam can really be stressful, but don’t worry as we are here to help you release some anxiety. Not clearing NEET exam does not mean that your life is over, as there are various options available for you that you can pursue even without NEET. 

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Don’t believe us read on and find out on your own. 

5 Career Paths To Explore Without NEET Exam

Even though the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET exam) has become mandatory for Indian students to pursue a medical or dental course in India and in a foreign nation, it, however, does not restricts the course options available for students to pursue. So, here is a list of 5 courses that a student can go for even if they do not clear the NEET exam. 

1. Botany: A well-known branch of biology, involving the study of plants, their structure processes, growth and more. People who are involved in the field of Botany conducts various researches and observations to discover a new species, study the interaction of plants and different organisms in the ecosystem, the genetic formation of plants and much more.   

To obtain admission in Botany, a student does not need to clear NEET exam, and after completing the degree in Botany, a student can work in landscape industries, natural resources centres, environmental consultancies, or also work as a researcher, teacher or lecturer, taxonomist, horticulturist, a nursery manager and environmental consultants. 

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2. Genetics: The investing field of genetics includes the study of genes and their role, about the genetic variations and the heredity of a living organism. The professionals in the field of genetics study genetic diseases, anomalies, traits, mutations, how genes are transmitted, the communication of their genes and the environment and more. Geneticists can use their knowledge to different areas, like genetic anomalies to developing pharmaceuticals products and whatnot. 

There are various jobs that are related to the field of genetics like geneticist, immunologists, cytogeneticists, forensics DNA experts, medical technologist, pharmacologist, clinical research experts, research scientist and more. 

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3. Biomedical Science: Like the above courses, getting admission in Biomedical science does not require a score of NEET exam. It is an applied science that combines different aspects of various disciples to develop interventions, technology and knowledge in the domain of healthcare. Biomedical experts and scientists study how cells, organs, processes function in the human body and how that information can be applied to understand the treatment of a disease. 

The knowledge and skills gained in the biomedical science allow their students to work as a biomedical scientist clinical researcher, forensic scientist, toxicologist, immunologist and other health care professions. It is relatively new, yet an expanding field in India. 

4. Bioinformatics: This field of science combines three different fields of education; Biology, Computer Science and Information Technology. Professionals related to Bioinformatics work on developing and using tools and techniques for analysing biological data. Like, a bioinformatics expert might develop a software that helps in accessing and analysing data from biomedical and pharmaceutical studies.

After completing this course, the students can work as a bioinformatics analyst or developer with pharmaceuticals and biotechnological companies, healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical and research agencies after graduating from this field. The students can also work as a clinical research associate, bio-analyst or a medical coder.  

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5. Microbiology: It is a field that studies the microscopic organisms like fungi, viruses, bacteria and others and their interaction with humans, animals, plants and other organisms of the environment. Microbiologist research and investigate the impact of different microorganisms in our lives, like the current scenario of coronavirus and how it is infecting humans. Microbiology includes various subfields like virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology and more. 

Typical career opportunities for microbiologists includes clinical researcher, research scientist, lab technician, quality control, working in pharmaceuticals, healthcare sector, food industries, breweries, distilleries, agriculture and more. 

Apart from these 5 courses there are other fields also that might interest you, want to know about them, click here!!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q. Is the NEET Examination Mandatory for applying MBBS in abroad

Ans. According to a March 2019 gazette notification by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)–the common level entrance exam conducted for admission to medical courses–has been made mandatory for pursuing MBBS courses abroad.

Q. Is admission to possible without passing NEET in abroad?

Ans. No. Without NEET MBBS admission is not possible, in India as well as abroad. To pursue MBBS in India, you must qualify NEET. Further, without NEET, you will not be able to get admission to any foreign medical university, which is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Q. Is the NEET necessary for applying MBBS in abroad?

Ans. Not Necessary. Some abroad medical universities does not require NEET exam.

Q. Are there any scholarships provided to international students?

Ans. Depend on Universities. In some universities, subsidized medical education is provided to international students. Also, some universities do not provide any kind of scholarships.

Q. What are the benefits of studying in abroad?

  • Ans.  Experience a different style of teaching.
  •  Learn about new cultures and perspectives.
  • See the world.
  • Discover career opportunities abroad. 
  •  Enhance your network.

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