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Top 7 Mind-Blowing Emerging Careers For Science Students.

Thriving Days And Emerging Careers Of Science

Relax and rewind your life back for 4-5 years and imagine how our life has changed soo much. We have achieved so much and crossed soo many boundaries, I mean just 2-3 years ago there were rickshaws for our transportation, now we can enjoy the comfort of AC within an electronic rickshaw. There is no doubt that Science and Technolgy have brought remarkable changes that just to even think about a few years back would have been an accomplishment in itself.

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Similarly, if we recollect our memory, at first careers in science was confined to Engineering and Medicine. Even though there are many people who still believe that engineering and medicine is the holy grail of a science student, but as modern advancements had made our lives easier and faster it also had made a lot of emerging careers in science, and it is beyond MBBS and Engineering.

So, just like we keep our phones up to date, let’s get updated with the career trend as well. This article is about the 7 emerging careers for science students that brings new hope in the educational future of science.  

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Emerging Careers Option For Science Students

1. Robotics: Remember in the year 1984 the first Terminator movie was released, yes yes you probably wouldn’t even be born at that time and so was I but still that movie made fame like no other. It changed human mindsets and thinking about the machine. Now if we think of our distant future say 10-20 years ahead, what is the one thing that you think would change and it almost always comes to mind? “Robots”. The best thing about robots is, they are not a part of our far-off future fantasy and exist in our real lives.

We could already see the usage of robots in the fields if automate industries tasks, they are visiting other planets, they are performing surgeries, defusing bombs and doing so many stuff that is too dangerous for humans to do.   

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We can witness the advancement in this field already in the form of humanoid robots who can walk, talk and express humans, for instance, look at Sophia, rumour has it that Sophia want to carry a child and be a mother, well, if she wants it no one is stopping her. In the year 2013, Google acquired 8 American and Japanese robotics company in a single year, that alone reflects how important the future of technology lies in this domain. 

The field of robotics is already evolving at a fast pace and due to its speed of development, there is already a huge demand for engineers to build and program them. Robotics engineers require knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer programming, AI, machine learning, neural networks and various other related areas.  

Course Of Study
If you are interested in the field of Robotics you can pursue B.Tech in Mechanical/Electronics/Robotics Engineering, followed by a master’s degree in Robotics.

2. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: Who run the world, well the answer is a computer in the modern time, and in this computer dominated world, you must have heard the words Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. But what do you exactly understand by them? Well, AI is a field of computer science that deals with the production of smart machines and systems that have the potential to think and process information and data as humans do. 

For instance, you must have acquainted with two of the most famous AI system, you might use them on a regular basis, yes we are talking about Siri and Alexa, these are the voice recognition system that uses machine learning to understand human language and respond to it intelligently. Another most common example would be Facebook, how it recognises familiar faces from your contact list and via using its algorithms, it automatically makes an accurate suggestion for tagging your friends. 

From Google or Safari to Netflix to Ola or Uber, each of the applications you encounter in your day-to-day life uses AI and Machine learning to make quick, efficient and more personal technologies. AI is predicted to create more than 2.5 million job opportunities by the year 2021, thus this is a field that is one of the most emerging domains in the sector of science and technology.  

Course Of Study
Those who would like to go for this emerging careers option can pursue B.Tech degree in computer science, followed by a master’s degree in Machine Learning or Computer Science or Mathematics.

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3. Environmental Science and Sustainable Development: If you are living in Delhi, then you might be aware of Delhi Smog which was so critical that it was declared as a public health emergency. And not just Delhi, every metropolitan city is facing the same thing. If you must know, in the year 2015 WHO claimed that more than 2.5 million Indians die of pollution every year.

This among the millions of alarming news about environmental issues, wildlife extinction, wildfire, global warming, and whatnot that make the headlines nearly every day, and it is really saddening to say but without any proper action, we will be facing human extinction soon.  

Environmental Sustainability Science is a branch of science that provides an integrated and quantitative approach to the study of environmental systems. Professionals and experts from this field study issue related to environment and try to find out ways of preventing damage to the environment and managing development in a way that it does not compromise the ability of future generation to meet their needs.

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Given the scenario and the way things are happening humankind is facing a serious threat on the future and the demand of professionals from this field is growing by the hour. So, not only the experts from this field is in demand by the companies and industries but they are also in demand by the entire mankind. 

Course Of Study
To be a part of this emerging careers option a Bachelor degree in Environmental Management or Science or a B.Tech in Environmental Engineering followed by a master’s degree in the same field is required.

4. Food and Agricultural Science: Food is one of the most important elements to sustain life on earth, and more so for a primarily agriculture-based economy like India. Indian agriculture still accounts for near about 18% of Indian GDP and plays a crucial role in internal and external trade. Thus it is fair to put the domain of agriculture in the emerging careers option for young students. 

Counter to what many people beliefs, agricultural and food field is not about ploughing fields or farming but it is a technologically precocious field with cutting-edge research and continuous innovations. Horticulture, Dairy Technology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agronomy, Food Technology, Pisciculture are a few of the avenues one can look for to build a profession in this fast pace emerging careers option. 

Food and agricultural scientists aim to enhance both the quality and quantity of crops, dairy products, agricultural products and food patterns. This field involves a strong dedication to experimenting and surveying food production, preservation techniques and study of soils and crops. 

Course Of Study
To build a profession in this emerging careers option one has to go for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in agriculture, horticulture, agronomy or any of the sub-fields of agriculture that is required. Students can also go for B.Tech and M.Tech in Agriculture Engineering.

5. Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering: Do you remember the talk of Bionic Foot between Chandler and Ginger in Friends, at that time it way just a fantasy of far-future. I mean a couple of years ago losing a foot in an accidents or illness felt like the whole life is over. Well, in today’s world life is not over. It is the consistent innovation in the field of prosthetics engineering that we should thank for that made walking, running or even climbing mountains a possible reality for amputees, and the great thing this is just one of the applications of Bioengineering. 

Bioengineering is one of the youngest disciplines o engineering, and it employs the principles and tools of engineering to solve problems related to the field of biology, medicine, healthcare and other related domains. Artificial organs, tissue engineering, medical imaging, engineered microorganisms, biomaterials, computer simulation for surgery and even wearable technologies, are all an example of Bioengineering in today’s world. 

This field is a brimming option in modern emerging careers that are filled with opportunities, innovations and allow professionals to experiment and develop cutting-edge medical solutions. 

Course Of Study
To be part of this emerging careers option a degree of B.tech and M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering is required. Also, the student must take the combination of PCMB in 10+2 to be eligible.

6. Sports Medicine: Sports has always been like a religion in various countries. In India, only people seem to forget eating, drinking or sleeping when Indian Cricket Team lose the Worldcup Finals. Now it is seriously considered into emerging careers as well. 

Playing games is not the only way one can entire into the sports world, thanks to this one emerging careers field that is gaining popularity among science students, Sports Medicine. This field professionals are trained to help athletes improve their sports performance, prevent injuries while playing and manage their training and nutrition. These professionals that work in the field of sports medicine not only tend to athletes but also work with adults and teens who exercise and are active in other ways. 

Sports Medicine experts do not include just doctors but also Sports Psychologists, Sports Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Athletic trainers. The scope in this emerging careers option is huge and it is only bound to increase in future as the culture of sports is booming in India.  

Course Of Study
To become a sports medicine doctor, you will need to pursue an MBBS followed by an MD in Sports Medicine. For other related professions can be M.Sc in Sports Medicine or MA in Sports Psychology.

7. Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security: Remember in 2017, Zomato faced a major hacking attack where the data of 17 million users was stolen. SImilarily in 2016, Dropbox’s 68 million users password and personal data were found to be circulating on the internet. 

With businesses going digital and technologies keep advancing, our data are more vulnerable than ever before to cybersecurity threat. Hence, ethical hacking, no doubt has become one of the most demanding emerging careers options in today’s world. An ethical hacker is a computer and networking expert whose job is to penetrate a company’s security system to identify weaknesses in it. They are crucial in helping companies enhance their internet security.  

According to survey results by the year, 2026 near about 28% of jobs increment will be there in the domain of cybersecurity.

Course Of Study
To make a profession in this emerging careers option a background in computers is recommended. After that a certification course in Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and Certified Security Analyst.

The modern world is full of possibilities, now the times are not confined to a few choices, the trend is changing and you should take advantage of it. With every passing moment, technology and science are enhancing and improving and that is helping in developing new and emerging careers opportunities for millions of people out there. The only thing that you should know is to grab that opportunity and with emerging careers option grow your life with it.  

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