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Why Wait Another Year When You Can Take Admission Now? How were your marks in NEET 2020? Good, bad, satisfactory, or not at all expected?

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Low Rank in NEET 2020?

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How were your marks in NEET 2020? Good, bad, satisfactory, or not at all expected? NEET 2020 has already been successfully conducted and the counselling procedure for college admission is nearly done. However, in millions of students who appeared for this exam, not everyone gets to complete their dream of scoring a seat in some of the best medical colleges in India. We all know that NEET is a single gateway of granting admission to medical undergraduate courses, making it one of the toughest exams of the nation to crack. And getting low marks in the exam is downright scary, and not to mention very disheartening as we know how hard a candidate works for NEET preparation. But, we cannot control everything, right?

If you got good marks

If you got good marks then great no problem, but if your score is low then it does not mean that your life is stopped, there is always a room for improvement and a chance to turn a wall into a door, a door towards opportunities and learning. So, let me ask you again, were your marks in NEET 2020 not good or way low to get admission in reputed Indian colleges? No matter what this is not an end of your journey, it is only the beginning of something new and exciting.

MBBS in India

Whoever said that if MBBS in India is not possible this year means you have to start over or perhaps settle for something else. A career by chance not by choice. We however disagree. No need for you to wait another year or take admission in some other courses because MBBS is always going to be an option for you. How did you ask? Well, if MBBS in India is not possible how about MBBS abroad? Before you start getting all pumped up thinking foreign education is going to cost a fortune, let me stop you there. MBBS abroad is not expensive, period! MBBS in India is expensive considering some colleges not only charge admission fees, but a hefty donation amount is also required. Considering this MBBS abroad is a smart option for you.

Abroad Colleges Hand-Picked By Us

Featured University

Kursk State Medical University,

Kursk Oblast, Russia    WHO, MCI


Year of Establishment

5,500 USD

MBBS Annual Fees

9.5 / 10

Based on 85 User Review

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Stavropol State Medical University, Russia

Stavropol, Russia    WHO, MCI


Year of Establishment

4,000 USD

MBBS Annual Fees

9.3 / 10

Based on 63 User Review

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Kazakh National Medical University, Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan    WHO, MCI


Year of Establishment

4,700 USD

MBBS Annual Fees

9.4 / 10

Based on 52 User Review

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Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, Ukraine

Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine     WHO, MCI


Year of Establishment

4,500 USD

MBBS Annual Fees

9.5 / 10

Based on 89 User Review

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Al Farabi

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan     WHO, MCI


Year of Establishment

4,200 USD

MBBS Annual Fees

9.5 / 10

Based on 68 User Review

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Black Sea National Medical University, Ukraine

Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine     WHO, MCI


Year of Establishment

3,700 USD

MBBS Annual Fees

9.3 / 10

Based on 59 User Review

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Low Budget MBBS Destination


Brace yourself before we tell you about the education fees because you might need to sit down. Yes, folks, in some of these countries like Russia, the education fees might cost you around 25 to 30 lakhs minimum. We are not joking, it is the truth. We told you MBBS abroad is not expensive, it is true that there are some foreign colleges or places that will cost you a lot, but you have to be smart enough, rather than chasing expensive locations, go for quality education at a low price.

We also have a piece of good news for you. Ready? Luckily some of the Top Russian colleges are accepting students for their winter intake. Awesome, right? So no need for you to waste another year for something that you cannot even guarantee and start your doctor journey from top medical Russian colleges/universities. Because if your dream is really to become a doctor, then believe us, be it India or abroad, it is only the passion for education that will help you pass every obstacle.


Now, getting admission in a foreign location can be confusing and tiring. Not to mention that you do not have a lot of time in your sleeves. Worry not as RM Group Of Education got you covered. You only have to sit back and relax and let us take care of all your problems. RM Group Of Education started an initiative to help every Indian aspirant to achieve their dream of being a doctor. We promote quality education, not mass money. Believe us when we say that we are best in helping students choose their dream colleges and courses. 

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RM Group of Education is always there to help you through your doctor journey, and unlike much other education and admission consultancy out there, we promise to be with you throughout your education journey, yes even after you score a seat in a foreign college. It is our transparent work policies and good services that make us number one in the field of medical admission guidance sector. With a connection to over 10+ countries, successfully guided 8000+ students, and a dream of creating a platform so that every student can get recognition for their work, RM Group Of Education is the perfect answer for all of your admission dilemmas.

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