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Courses & Career Option after 12th Class with Science Stream

Courses and Career Option after 12th Science: Ever wonder why to pursue a degree in pure sciences?  Well, for some science lovers, engineering or medical is not the ultimate option no matter what people say or how influential this stereotype is in our society. These are the students that love to discover the cause of science and watch its mysteries unfold and it is a much greater purpose for them, then loading in the same hoard of engineering and medical, like the majority of people.

So, if you can relate yourself with the afro-mentioned scenario, then you can get the answer to why higher education in pure sciences could prove to be a satisfying occurrence for you. And taking consideration of such students we intend to bring this topic into the mainframe and make people understand about the various aspects of why, how and what one should need to know before pursuing pure science after class 12th. 

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What Do You Understand By Pure Sciences?

Do you know, according to recent research early Mars was covered in Ice sheets, not flowing rivers? Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, tell you what it does not even make the small fraction of true knowledge that is hidden in the world, and science has barely scraped the surface of all the obscure principles that govern the world. The students of applied sciences solve the specific current day problems, but unlike them, the real joy of discovery is a strong driving force common to all successful scientists. 

Several programmes in India that purvey to higher education in science stream but they are standardly divided into two broad categories for the majority of Indian universities; 1. Courses in Physical Science 2. Courses in Natural Sciences. This is an age-old classification that holds no true meaning now that the research is becoming interdisciplinary, this divides pure science courses into a cocktail of life sciences, consisting biology and chemistry mainly, or physical science, consisting of physics and maths mainly.  

Courses like B.Sc Life Sciences and B.Sc Physical Sciences are the maturest amidst the general courses. But it is not the only options as one can also opt for the honours courses i.e. B.Sc Hons. in subjects like physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, agriculture and other streams of biology. It is quite crucial to understand that more than the name of the degree you are holding, what academic knowledge you earn during the course is important. 

How To Choose The Right Pure Science Course?

Everyone has a favourite subject in class 12th out of biology, mathematics, physics or chemistry and the more inclination we have towards a subject derives our choices. The second factor that shapes our choice is the scope after completing the degree. What field you see yourself working in, be it a lab or an office, an NGO or a government department, that deeply affects your choice, of course, you like to pursue.

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However, you should worry even if you select the wrong course, as the prospect of picking another course and dropping the already selected field can easily be done. 

Opportunities Of Higher Education in Pure Science Courses

  • Those who don’t know, a B.Sc degree is a mix of various sub-fields. For instance, in biology, it might include sub-areas like Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Neuroscience and many more. So, it helps students to understand and identify their sub-fields of interest and if they want to a master’s degree they can pursue it in the sub-field of choice.
  • Every year the number of graduates only increases, so before entering a field have a clear understanding of the job opportunities and challenges related to it. More often than not we notice that the requirement of a master’s degree in a pure science field is not that mandatory, so it is better that you invest in a domain that both interests you and opens doors to jobs you will love and enjoy to do.
  • Going for broader curriculums that cover more sub-areas would be an advantage point to cover a specific field of interest. However, a more specific course, like for an instance, B.Sc in computer science might help you secure an entry-level job right after completing the bachelor’s degree in the respective industry.   
  • For this point let us take an example of programmes in fields of public health, healthcare management, environmental sciences, wildlife or more. These fields merge the basic knowledge of science to help master the skills required to work at grassroots levels. Yet, if a person’s calling is to further work with UN/WHO or become an educator or a writer for popular sciences, a master’s degree in such programmes would be an excellent choice for their future. Thus, the possibility of pursuing a master’s can help the students branch out of pure sciences at a later stage. 

Study Abroad Opportunities in Pure Sciences

  • If the student has financial sponsorship that considering pure science education abroad would be an excellent choice. And in case you are looking for scholarships then a great CV and impeccable percentage and great score in SATs would be a great idea. 
  • Apart from low fees, one o the major reason for selecting a study abroad option is because of the quality of education. Another positive point of study abroad would be that a student does not have to select a stream right after class 12th, they can take diverse courses and select a major later on during the programme. 

Career Opportunities After Completing Pure Sciences Degree

There are various career opportunities after completing education in the pure sciences. For instances jobs as a teacher, professor, academic, researcher and more. To gain more in-depth knowledge visit our article about in-demand career options for science students

The point is before selecting any course be it science or art, know every prospect about it. Some people believe that not doing well in competitive exams like JEE and NEET is the end of their career world. But it is not true, not doing well in these exams does nor end the rail of opportunities for you.

Opportunities never stop, they come in diverse forms every day and we should know how to make most of that situation because not only do our achievements matter but our failure defines us too. 

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