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Top 10 Tips On How To Select The Best Medical College For MBBS Abroad Programme.

Selection of the best institute to study is not an easy task, be it an Indian or International educational institute. Same, selection of best college to study medicine is also not easy, be it Indian colleges or MBBS abroad programme. One can not randomly pick any college and take admission in it. Proper analysis and evaluation of a college and the foreign destination are very crucial before taking enrolling there and that is why we are going to talk about tips to select the best MBBS abroad college. 

So, to help you analyse things on a better scale and to gain popular knowledge we are enlisting 10 best tips to select the best medical college for MBBS abroad programme. Note that these tips to select the best MBBS abroad college are important for anyone and everyone who are looking to study MBBS in a foreign destination.

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Since we have already mentioned what are the advantages related to study MBBS abroad. If you wanna know about it you can check our article on that. But, for now, let’s discuss the tips to select the best MBBS abroad college in a foreign destination.  

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Tips To Select The Best MBBS Abroad College

  1. The first and foremost important point to know is that MBBS from abroad is only valid if the selected medical college or university is recognised and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This is an important tip because not only the abroad medical degree is valid in India only if the given university is approved by the MCI, but also it is a crucial point to note for those students who after completing their degree programme wish to practice in India. Those students have to pass a written screening test, known as the Indian Nationals with Foreign Medical Qualification (FMGE), conducted by the MCI. Only students studying in MCI approved MBBS colleges are eligible for this test.
  2. Second important tips to select the best MBBS abroad college is to know the total expanse and budget you have. There are some institutes that offer complete course expanse, food and hostel included at a very low cost. Whereas some institutes will charge more than 25-30 lakh for the same facilities. Taking an example, Russia and a few other ex-USSR countries have a low cost to study MBBS, whereas countries like the Philippines and Georgia offer courses up to 20-23 lakhs. On the same time, some countries offer courses in both low and high budget. Students must see which colleges suits better on their budget and what they offer at that price.
  3. Various countries offer flexible education system, unlike India. Russian, Chines and Ukrainian medical universities offer a course duration of 6 years. Medical universities in Georgia have both 5 and 6 years course duration. Philippines medical universities offer 5 and 5.5 years course duration, whereas a few universities of Kyrgyzstan offer 5 years course duration. It is an important point for students to note because saving one year is a big thing in life, this tenure is an important criterion.

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  1. This is not an important factor as far as quality education is concerned yet it is an important tips to select the best MBBS abroad college. The location of the institute and country does affect the living quality and it makes a difference. One of the major points why Philippines, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan are developing as a favourite destination is because of the location factor.
  2. The availability of direct flights and distance from Indian international airports might not be a major point as far as education quality is concerned, however, this is a vital point for the comfort or parents and students when they visit each other. To some, it might be relevant, for others not so much. Out of every famed country to study MBBS abroad, Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek has got a direct flight from Delhi and it only takes 3 hours of travelling, making it convenient for both visiting students or parents.  
  3. Another tip is to know about the availability of Indian food. You might be thinking that it is not an important factor, but once you reach there after a certain amount of time, you will miss your native’s food. Thus, knowing about whether the hostel food includes Indian cuisines or not or the city got quality Indian restaurants or not is very important.  

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7. Some other important tips to select the best MBBS abroad college to remember are; China allow Indian students to complete their 6th year in India as it is the training/internship period, however, students must keep this in mind that this internship period does belong to the Chinese medical course and only after completing all years, the student would be allowed to receive the degree; Bangladesh does not allow a gap of more than 2 years after class 12th; In Philippines, the course is divided into 2 parts, first a BS course of 1 or 1.5 years. Then after completing the BS course, students have to pass a test called NMAT (National Medical Appitute Test Philippines). Only the students gaining more than 40% are allowed to complete the rest of the course.

8. Before taking admission in MBBS abroad, students must confirm that the medium of learning is in English. As to avoid language trouble and gain a clear understanding of the subject.

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9. If a student is pursuing MBBS abroad, it always is a great choice to look for a medical university who have their own Hospitals and medical centres. It gives medical students of that university a benefit of gaining clinical experience and practical knowledge, and a chance of completing their clerkship in the University hospitals.

10. Safety is a crucial tips to select the best MBBS abroad college when comes to choosing a foreign destination to study. Keep it in mind that you are far from your homeland and in an entirely different nation. Studying and living in a country that has a low crime rate will not only help you feel guarded but also provide ease to your parents.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q. Which is the Best time to Apply for Abroad MBBS?

Ans. The best too is January to March end of the year of admission. all seats will be booked at that time. so apply before this time to get confirmed admission in china and another country you will get time till June ends.

Q. If I already 10+2 passed out and I have 70% in PCB and in English. so I get confirmed admission in my choice of university?

Ans. Yes, you can confirm admission in your choice of university in that case, but you must apply immediately before all seats in that university are filled up.

Q. Are there any work opportunities for International Students in abroad?

Ans. Work options for international students vary greatly by country. Every English-speaking country allows some scope for student visa holders to do part-time work. However, the conditions vary from relaxed to highly restrictive.

Q. Is MBBS in abroad a good decision?

Ans. However, given the limited number of seats in the Government colleges in India, opting for MBBS abroad will definitely be not a bad idea provided the fees of private medical colleges is far higher than medical colleges abroad. You should have qualified the NEET exam for applying to MBBS abroad.

Q. What are the reasons to study MBBS in Abroad?

  • Ans. The high demand for Doctors
  • High salaries and job safety in the healthcare sector
  • Medical jobs can be found anywhere on the globe.
  • A different style of education
  • Low cost

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