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Looking for Reasons Why Study MBBS in Ukraine? Here Are 10 Mind-Blowing Ones.

As we have already mentioned before that MBBS in Ukraine is among the best options to study MBBS abroad. Now, for those who still believe it’s not true, or somewhat sceptical about it, worry not as of today we are going to finally erase all of your worries and help you understand why study MBBS in Ukraine is becoming an elite destination to study MBBS abroad.

Ukraine has always been a destination that gives a tremendous amount of thinking on education and has always tried to advance itself. It is home to some of the best medical universities globally and holds the recognition of various important organisational giants.

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Why Study MBBS in Ukraine

The answer to why study MBBS in Ukraine is not confined to one, rather there are so many points that will elucidate this why. So, that is what we are gonna do, we are going to enlist the top 10 reasons that make Ukraine a hot MBBS study destinations.

1. The first reason is Ukraine’s high standards of education. The MBBS colleges in Ukraine are the only state of the art and comprise highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. Ukraine medical colleges and their medical courses are recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Medical Council of India, UNESCO and the European Council.

Ukraine’s education system and method of teaching are recognised on the global scale, along with that the medium of education is English, and for that reason alone Indian students choose MBBS in Ukraine as an option to reduce language problem.

2. The second point is that to gain a seat in some of the top MBBS Colleges in Ukraine, Indian medical aspirants do not need to appear in IELTS, TOEFL or any other language test. But various Ukraine Medical Universities have Bilateral Student Exchange Programmes with other universities in the country like Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland. This, making another good reason why I study MBBS in Ukraine.

3. This one is among the major factors that attract thousands of students to Ukraine, the low cost of studying MBBS. We all are well aware that private medical colleges in India are costly when it comes to tuition fees; on the other hand, the cost of MBBS in Ukraine is comparatively low. Not only that but unlike various private medical, educational institutions in India, medical universities of Ukraine do no take any capitation fee or donation.

4. However, the low-cost factor is not limited to the tuition fee only, as the living cost of Ukraine is also low compared to some other popular destinations for medical education. Students can survive within $100-$150 a month.

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5. Another reason why you study MBBS in Ukraine is the chance of synergy with international exposure. One thing that is true for every foreign destination is that students meet with different countries and cultures. This helps them develop an international network that can help them open up opportunities across the globe. It also helps students think beyond their horizon and understands things on different scales, apart from theoretical knowledge.

6. Apart from theoretical knowledge, what is the other foremost point required while studying MBBS or any other specialised field of science for that matter? The answer would be practical knowledge. Books can only give you knowledge enclosed to white pages, but real practical knowledge comes through lab work.

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To answer why study MBBS in Ukraine, another answer is their world-class campuses, laced with modern technologies in their lab and hospitals. This gives students a chance to learn things with the help of the latest technology.

7. Apart from not having to clear IELTS and TOEFL, most medical universities offering MBBS in Ukraine follow quite simple and easy admission procedures, and the best students don’t have to give any entrance test. This gives an edge to Indian students who already have to face the hassle of competition to get admission to medical colleges in their own country. Hence, once again, proving why study MBBS in Ukraine is a good option.

8. If you are to pursue MBBS or any course from an abroad destination, the quality education that students look for is the accommodation facilities. Education is important but so does the place that a student has to live, especially when he/she is so far from the homeland.

This is where MBBS in Ukraine comes into play as Ukraine’s medical universities hostel are well maintained and highly secured. Students can enjoy their facilitated accommodation with modern conveniences and a protected environment.

9. Another reason why study MBBS in Ukraine is becoming famous is that Indian students can enjoy many kinds of internship opportunities. They permit them to have great clinical practice expertise by serving in multi-speciality government hospital across Ukraine.

10. Ukraine is among the top nations across the globe to offer MBBS courses. The curriculum of the Ukraine MBBS Colleges is updated each year as per the international standards allowing MBBS students to stay familiar with the latest technologies prevalent in the medical sector. And not just that, but along with top education and quality learning, students can also relish the diverse culture, food, climate and enjoy a true and memorable learning experience.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q. What is MBBS called in Ukraine?

Ans. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programs offered by Ukraine universities are 6 years long duration. It is the most popular course opted by the science (PCB) stream, students.

Q. Is Ukraine MBBS valid in India?

Ans. Yes, the Ukrainian MBBS degree has value in India.

Q. Is Ukraine cheaper than India?

Ans. India is 10.9% cheaper than Ukraine.

Q. What can I study in Ukraine?

Ans. Medicine Courses
Computer Science
Nursing Courses
Economics courses
Civil Aviation Course
Engineering Courses
MBA and PhD Programs

Q. How many Indian students study in Ukraine?

Ans. According to Ukrainian government data, 10,884 Indian students currently study in Ukraine.

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