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Coronavirus Is Disrupting The Education Of Indian students Studying MBBS Abroad in 2020. Know-How?

Top 7 Reason Coronavirus Effects on MBBS Abroad

Coronavirus or CoVID-19 has already created a catastrophic situation all across the globe, wrecking the lives of millions of people. With more than 10 million cases and marking the lives of thousands of people, it is safe to say that this virus has destroyed the daily and normal lives of many. 

Of course, while we are indulging in this, let’s not forget one most basic yet most important aspects of our daily routine-education. With more than 200 countries being affected by the coronavirus, and because of their supposed lockdown strategies to contain the virus, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, has stated that because of the school closure in the wake of coronavirus, at least 290.5 million students worldwide are facing disruption in their education.

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Among them are thousands of Indian students who are pursuing their education from abroad. Amid those are Indian medical students who are studying MBBS abroad. Countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, and Armenia who just started their MBBS courses in the month of February 2020, has to close down all of their colleges amidst the pandemic.

If you are among those students or if you are planning to apply for MBBS abroad, continue reading this article as we are going to decode every aspect of how coronavirus is affecting Indian students studying MBBS abroad.

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Top 7 Reasons How Coronavirus Is Effects Indian Students Studying MBBS Abroad

  • Near about 85% of the Indian students prefer China for MBBS and allied programmes. Some of the most popular choices for MBBS institutes in China among Indians are Hebei University, Shihezi University, Shanghai University and Qingdao University. Due to the pandemic outbreak, several universities have suspended their classes until further notice, creating a direct impact on the academic calendar, stretching it further.
  • This is due to the reason, for courses like MBBS, a large section of the course programme involves practical training. Which no matter what cannot be replaced by distance education. This also calls for the need to cancel or cut short the semester-end breaks to make up for the lost time. It is not just happening in universities across China but all over the world. 
  • Many of the preferred and acclaimed MBBS education hot spots for international students across the world will face an impact on the foreign student inflow ahead of the peak season when students typically choose their study abroad destination. The coronavirus outbreak is likely to have a deterrent effect, mostly because the choice of destination for studying overseas is strongly determined by concern regarding the safety of the Indian students.

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  • Since, unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak comes right ahead of the new academic year, a drastic change is expected in the way study destinations are chosen. Various nations that had hit hard from coronavirus are expected to fall out of the top 10 list of preferred countries for MBBS abroad among Indian students.
  • Another most preferred destination for the medical programme among Indian aspirants is Spain, but due to given scenario, students are now choosing other alternatives like the Caribbean Islands that offer the same course at the same fees.
  • Similarly, various Indian students that are studying in Armenia are currently facing a lot of dilemmas, as Armenia close proximity to Iran, one of the worst-hit coronavirus nation.
  • Along with this, various students who are already in the final year of their studies have experienced major interruptions due to faculty absenteeism.
  • Whereas, graduating amid a large scale global recession is anyway slated to be a poor starting point for their careers. They are more inclined to end up either accepting lower-paid poor jobs or no jobs at all. 

However, amidst of all bad, UNESCO has recently announced the launch of the Global CoVID-19 Education Coalition to deal with the viral outbreak that is engendering serious harm to student careers. This initiative aims to bring together multilateral partners and the private sector, consisting of some of the biggest names in the industry such like Microsoft and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) to expand remote learning operations in several countries as a step to help them minimise educational disruptions.

Also, in order to educate students more effectively during the period of lockdown, various government bodies can also associate with telecommunication players and work on rolling out zero-rate policies. This can become an effective method to facilitate learning materials that students find easy to download on their mobile.

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This is however not about switching to online education, but also about giving institutions the leverage of using other powerful mediums such as TV and radio and devise an amalgamation of these tools to make learning accessible to students.

During this crisis, the major goal of all education systems across the world is to address the learning crisis while staying safe from the contagion. However, this could also be the time for institutions to prove how capable they are in rolling out online learning channels in their respective countries and examine the strengths and weakness in the process. 

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