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Why Choose MBBS From Russia In 2020 Is Becoming Top Choice For Indian Students To Study MBBS Abroad?

There is a lot of contentions going on nowadays stating that Why Choose MBBS from Russia is becoming an elite MBBS abroad destination among Indian students. Well like us, many students are also thinking the same question that whether or not this quarrel is true. 

When comes to education everyone wants what is best and MBBS abroad is definitely a dream to many. It is a fact that studying in foreign not gives the students a chance to interact from new system and culture but also help them to widen their horizon and let them look and think beyond the theoretical approach.

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However, in Indian many people still think that studying abroad is expensive, let alone studying MBBS abroad, which is considered to be one of the most costly education in India. Well, this is where MBBS from Russia comes into play.

If quality education, world-class infrastructure, advanced technology and a chance to know the mindsets of different people belonging from different culture, all this and many more when given at best rates, won’t you wanna grab that opportunity? We take it as our duty to make you understand what is best for you when it comes to education.

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So, we believe if you are sceptical and want to know why MBBS from Russia is becoming a top choice for Indian students to study MBBS abroad? We are going to enlist some very crucial points that will help you understand everything better.  

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10 Reasons Why Choose MBBS From Russia Is A Good Choice

1. The most important point is that Russia is home to various best and prestigious universities in the world. Universities like Perm State Medical Universities, Mari State University, Tver State Medical University and many more are the universities that are making MBBS from Russia a fine choice among various students on a global scale.

2. The medical universities of Russia are top-notch in various departments, be it Government recognition, co-ed, excellent education and whatnot, making them the most immeasurable of the best. Diverse academic departments, divisions, interdisciplinary centres and award programmes intensification are making a great difference over and above traditional departmental boundaries.

3. The premier universities of Russia are becoming an academic home to near about 2 lakh foreign students coming from all corners of the world, hence making Russian medical universities truly international.  

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4. Along with the above point, Russian medical colleges also have close connections and tie-ups with various world’s leading educational centres. They honour themselves on the international focus and them being a home for many global students. 

5. This point is the one that we have mentioned several times, but yet cannot stress enough how critical it is. Various Russian medical universities are recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and are accordingly the European Standards.

The reason why MBBS from Russia is gaining momentum is that the medical students gaining qualifications which are the roots to not only on academic advancement but also employment opportunities on the global scale.

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6. Russian universities are famed because of their broadest range of educational programmes. It is not in any way is confined to MBBS from Russia but also offer a degree in the fields of engineering, business, aviation to name a few. They are really unique in their teaching patterns, helping students to understand the various frameworks of modern-day-world.

7. Universities in Russia are equipped with leading aspects of lab work, liberal art college, applied science programme and clear science programme. This help aspirants to get close access to hundreds of faculty members as well as professors that are members of the well-known Russian Academy of Science, along with thousands of Doctorates and post-Doctorates.

8. Many Russian Universities have Innovative Educational Programs that have been implemented for a very long time. This helps in renewal of their focus on competency-based education, along with facilitating their courses to develop a new quality system giving back educational, contemporary and scientific trends with modern management technologies.

9. Due to the increasing number of international counterparts, Russian Universities are creating some of the brightest and top class students studying in their colleges, also these universities create students that later occupy some of the very renowned positions in the world.

10. Lastly, the international students studying in Russia are not confined to studies but also gaining involvement in various activities like concerts, comedy nights, dances and other sports activities. So, that proves that MBBS from Russia really speaks for a truly great experience for foreign students.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

  Q. Does Russian Medical universities have value in India?

Ans. Yes, Russian medical universities have a good demand and value in India. In order to practice in India, students must appear and clear MCI screening test. MCI screening test is conducted twice a year.

Q. Is it good to study MBBS in Russia?

Ans. Yes, Russia is a good country to study medicine. It is safe for students. The MBBS degree in Russia is equivalent to medicine degrees in India. Only the condition is that you need to appear for MCI screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India if you want to practice in India.

Q. What are the reasons to study MBBS in Russia?

Ans. Below are the reasons to study MBBS in Russia:

  • Student visa application process for Russia is easy.
  • There is no need to appear for any entrance exam to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Russia provides a high quality of education and academic standards of its medical universities are excellent.

Q. Does the other countries accept Russian medical course?

Ans. Yes, the other countries accept Russian medical course as Medical colleges in Russia are WHO and UNESCO recognized. Thus, students can practice in any of the favoured nations after completing MBBS from Russia. There are countries where students can practice without giving any screening test. 

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